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About You

Many wine lovers feel confused as there is just so much out there to choose from. It can be hard to understand the difference between an Amarone and a Zinfandel, let alone everything else in between.

Wine lovers come in all types and generally choose a wine because they like the label, the vintage, the funky name, the grape, the region the winemaker … or just because they got lucky grabbing it off the shelf last time they were at the supermarket.

At Eligant, we believe that good taste is the key to a great wine experience. Our wine club subscription and online shop is your perfect destination to deliver to you both, taste and knowledge.

About Me

I am passionate about Spain. The people, the sun, delicious food and amazing wine; that is the reflection of heaven for me.

What truly impresses me about the country is its people. Lively, proud about their country and conscious about their culture. And then the food together with the most amazing wine!

My mission is to source the best Mediterranean wines and tapas and to partner with truly passionate and experienced people to bring the best experience to your door.

I invite you to learn more about wine and empower your taste. And have lots of fun along the way.

Enjoy Eligant – Mediterranean wine & sunshine at home.


Eligant is a wine experience

With Eligant you will embark on a journey of discovery around the Mediterranean.

You will be given the opportunity to taste and drink stunning wines from many exciting categories including sparkling and fortified wines, while learning all about what makes them so delicious and special.

As we know, most wines can be even better with food so with every wine we will give you some tips on what to each with it to have the ultimate Eligant experience.

Food & Wine

We are also passionate about food and how the perfect combination of wine & food can enhance the flavours and make your experience really special.

Here you can bring your interest in wine to a next level by learning what food goes with the wine you’re drinking. If you wonder what umami means, or why you should try French fries with Cava, this is the perfect place for you.

And you will also find easy-to-follow recipes to pair with your favourite wines.


Here you will find a collection of our best wine stories, ideas and tips.