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20 November 2020
Why Mediterranean Wines?

Wines from the Mediterranean regions of Europe are synonymous with sunshine, fun and relaxation. The grape growers of Mediterranean regions are some of the happiest growers in the world, and happy growers grow great grapes!

The Mediterranean offers such a diversity of regions, leading to a diversity of grape varieties and therefore a wide range of wine styles, many of which are intensely fruity and vibrant and all made with great care.

You can find all the international grape varieties grown around the Med; Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot amongst others and native grape varieties, such as Sangiovese from Italy, Tempranillo from Spain and Agiorgitiko from Greece. From the Sparkling wines of the Catalonian coast to pale rosés from Provence through to powerful reds in Puglia. In Southern Spain you can find both Fortified and Sweet wines. The Mediterranean has something for everyone.

So, the saying also goes, what grows together goes together! The many regions of the Mediterranean are known for their wonderful cuisine. Great regional dishes such as Bouillabaisse and Paella are further enhanced by being paired with the local wines. At Eligant, this union of wine and food is so important to us and nowhere does it better than along the Mediterranean. All the wines in our selection are fabulously food-friendly. See the pairing tips for inspiration.

As well as having a diversity of styles, wines from the Mediterranean offer fabulous value for money. Many regions along the Med are often overlooked by more famous wine regions. There are regions that specialise in more every day, young fruity wines and others that are capable of producing world-class bold, complex and age-worthy wines.

Add a glass of Mediterranean wine to your meal to enhance your experience and add that sunshine, fun and relaxation!